World Class Infrastructure

World Class Infrastructure

To Provide Comprehensive Quality Care

Quality being the core value of the organization, the dedicated Quality Team at Clove Dental specially assigned ensures the clinics provide the highest quality services to their patients and strive for continuous quality improvements.

The team comprises of dentists who have a vast experience in both dentistry as well as administration, who firmly believe that – Quality is not an act, it is a habit.

  • Robust policies & protocols are mandated for the clinics.
  • Bi-monthly internal clinic reviews are done to ensure the clinics adhere to the set guidelines such as Clove’s four-step sterilization process.
  • SWOT analysis of each case is done using proprietorial methodology developed in-house by a team of Dental Specialists, to assure that the best dental treatment is provided to the patients.
  • Review of every patient feedback is done to assure high patient satisfaction.
  • Monthly biological spore testing is done at every Clove clinic to verify the adequacy of the sterilization cycles, which is then sent to a third party for microbiological testing and sterilization monitoring.
  • The team ensures that all clinics comply to the Radiation Safety protocols and radiation safety devices such as lead aprons and thyroid collars are used.
  • Dosimetry badges are provided to the dental team for radiation monitoring, that are sent to a BARC accredited TLD Personnel Monitoring Laboratory.
  • Team meets regularly to review the performance data, identify improvement areas, carry out and monitor improvement efforts by a consensus-building process.

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