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Sensitive Teeth

Causes Of Sensitive Teeth

Common Reason for Tooth Sensitivity How to Reduce Tooth Sensitivity? Gingival recession and cervical tooth wear can be avoided with the best dietary and oral hygiene practices. A proper brushing technique will help...

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Tooth Loss

Consequences Of Loosing Teeth

Loss of Function The main function of the teeth is to aid in chewing and mastication of food. Loss of teeth can significantly hamper this function. Loss of Nourishment Loss...

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Milk Teeth

Why Do Milk Teeth Matter?

The most common questions which are frequently asked by the parents of infants /toddlers to Dental practitioners are:       Most people think that Milk Teeth do not matter...

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Root Canal Treatment, Dental Implants,

Root Canal Treatment vs. Dental Implants

Root Canal Treatment (RCT) is considered a popular and predictable way to save a tooth that is badly decayed or infected. During this procedure, the infected pulp from the root canal...

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Wisdom Teeth

The Wisdom Behind The Wisdom Teeth

A wisdom tooth, also known as the third molar, is one of the three molars of a quadrant within the human dentition. It is the foremost back of the three molars....

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Root Canal in Surat,

5 Reasons You Need a Root Canal

Root Canal is a technique specifically formulated to eradicate bacteria from the diseased root canal and save the original tooth. Innumerable teeth are treated and protected this way each year, releasing...

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