Dental Sensitivity Treatment

Dental Sensitivity

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Dental hypersensitivity is the excessive sensitivity of teeth to normal stimuli. Usually, this presents as pain on stimulation i.e. hot, cold, sweet or pressure.


Causes :

  • Sensitivity to hot, cold and sweet things is usually causes exposed dentine.
  • Sometimes this is a cavity. It is particularly common in the autumn and winter as the weather starts to get colder.
  • Cyclists and runners are particularly prone to the effects as the cold wind has an impact on the teeth as they breathe hard.
  • Certain types of tooth paste and mouthwash can make the exposed dentine more susceptible to sensitivity by over cleaning the teeth and removing the surface layer.
  • Excessive brushing can have the same effect by mechanically removing the same layer.
  • Acidic drinks and food dissolve the layer away and cause the same problem.

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