DENTAL veneers Treatment


DENTAL veneers

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This type of cosmetic dentistry revolves around the use of wafer-thin laminates of tooth-colored material – normally produced using porcelain, ceramic or composite bonding products , that are cemented to the front of the teeth.

Dental veneers can improve a number of problems regarding the appearance of teeth. These include :
Damaged teeth – Those teeth that have been worn out through grinding during the night or an unhealthy diet that consists of too many sugary foods and drinks can be fixed with veneers. Similarly, small chips or cavities that have emerged can be repaired with composite bonding, while a single damaged pearly white can be replaced with a porcelain veneer, which possesses similar characteristics as the natural tooth.
Stained teeth – Severely discolored teeth that cannot be improved with alternative cosmetic dentistry can be transformed with dental veneers that can cover any existing stains that are found on the teeth.
Crooked teeth – While dental veneers may not be the ideal treatment for misaligned pearly whites, orthodontics would be a more viable solution. They can significantly improve those teeth that are absolutely uneven. Films placed over the front surface of these teeth can create a straight and perfectly aligned smile.
Teeth with gaps – Spaces that emerge between the pearly whites over time (or those that have been present since eruption) can be closed using this course of action, creating a straighter, more uniform-looking smile.

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