Wedding Smile Makeovers

Wedding Smile Makeovers

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When it comes to planning a wedding, brides have a lot to think about. Unfortunately, the notion that their smile may not be living up to their own expectations doesn’t occur to them until it is too late to correct any issues they may have. Your smile will be captured forever in wedding photos and on videos of the big day and you want it to be as bright and beautiful as possible. If you have the feeling that your smile may not be everything that you want it to be on your wedding day, our dentists and their team can help you achieve the smile that you want.

What Treatments Will Be Included In My Wedding Smile Makeover?

The treatments that will be included in your wedding smile makeover will vary widely depending on your own preferences and the dental issues you’re experiencing. A few examples of treatments that may be included in your makeover include :

-Dental veneers

-Dental crowns

-Dental implants

-Tooth shaping

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